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August 6, 2019

In Food We Trust

And so we reach that time of the year: Kuching's month of food that stretches like dough from the end of July to August.
July 28, 2019

Why not make your day at RWMF

As each evening drew in at Rainforest World Music Festival 2019, the crowds began to swell. A packed schedule of performances was promised, from over 100 performers drawn from 20 different countries.
July 5, 2019

Nelson advert

July 2, 2019

Kuching’s Cat Epidemic

Singapore has the Merlion – mythical and majestic as it dominates the view of the bay. In Kuching, our equivalent is the cat, significantly more domestic and marginally less majestic.
July 1, 2019

Electra House – On this Spot once Stood

From original power house to Kuching's first purpose-built shopping centre, this spot has seen several icons in the city's urban development.
June 30, 2019

7 Breakfasts

Kuching buzzes in the early morning with seven am school runs that require six am starts. The coffee shops are full, feeding the early morning masses with quick and easy hawker food to fuel their day. 
June 30, 2019

Gawai Antu at Gensurai

The Iban secondary rites for the dead are still practised, but conversion to Christianity is seeing community ties and culture taking precedence over faith in the cosmology.
June 29, 2019

I am Iban

Not many tourists cross the border between Indonesia and Malaysia at Lubok Antu. The Sarawak side, a collection of bland huts, was largely silent at midday on an average Saturday, sending across our lone group of off-road vehicles with a desultory wave.
June 27, 2019

Neither Pussy Nor Well – Origins of the name of Kuching